Bmstr. Dipl-Ing. Gamper Christian

Master-builder & Corporate Consulting

Master-builder & Corporate Consulting
Including company organization:


Gamper Consulting e. U. has registered both, the trade of the master-builder and the business of the corporate consultant including the company organization. I offer advice at all stages of project management and support in matters of company organization and construction site organization.

  • Acquisition
  • bidprocessing
  • Contract award
  • Construction preparation
  • Construction site equipment
  • Construction site organization
  • Subcontractor awards

  • Construction works
  • Building accounts
  • Contract management
  • Construction time tracking
  • Evaluation and auditing
  • Building completion
  • Warranty



I am a "generally sworn and court-certified expert"
and listed in the Ministry of Justice with the following disciplines:


Discipline 72.03 -
Estimation, contract awarding, construction and building accounting

Discipline 72.06 -


Due to my many years of experience on building sites, I am glad to offer my services as an expert for private assessments.


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  • Business mediation
  • Company and farm handing over, succession mediation
  • Family and divorce mediation



In mediation, we deal with the conflict situations with cause and effect only as far as is necessary to elaborate first-class solutions for the future. While litigation is being exchanged in legal proceedings, the mediation process is already at the stage of the solution. This creates fair and useful solutions, which are perceived by all participants as forward-looking and sustainable.


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Austrian Federal Association for Mediation



Gamper - Consulting e.U.

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  • Akquisition
  • Angebotsbearbeitung
  • Vergabe
  • Bauvorbereitung
  • Baustelleneinrichtung
  • Baustellenorganisation
  • Subunternehmervergaben
  • Beschaffung
  • Bauausführung
  • Bauabrechnung
  • Vertragswesen
  • Bauzeitverfolgung
  • Evaluierung und Revision
  • Baufertigstellung
  • Gewährleitung